4 different ways to promote Your Social Media

We all have Social Media, other forms of Digital Marketing and of course what I might call Old School Marketing.  One thing many people don’t have is all these linked and working together. In this article I want to look at a few simple ways you can cross promote your Digital Marketing and Social Media. […]


Frog fish are one of my favourite fish and also make for great photos, check out this great video from the straits of Lembeh for some great Frog fish images and facts  


So you’ve invested time in the basics of SEO as described in my previous article about Simple Search Engine Optimisation – SEO and now want to take the next step to really ramp up your blog or website SEO? You’re on the right page, in the following article I’m going to go over some more advanced […]

The value of a Social share

Every Social Marketers aim should be to drive sales either by the more opaque methods like brand building or directly by product promotion.  In a previous article I looked at how Social Media engagement can influence purchase intent in this one I will drill down and look specifically at the value of Social Sharing - So pay attention Content […]


One of the trickiest parts of Social Media is getting the image sizes right.   As time passes more and more networks are resizing images we post to fit, even when we post links to blog articles or web pages.  But gone also are the days when we could use one image for all our […]

David Attenborough and BBC Wildlife do What a Wonderful World

Though not strictly diving related this week, but I don’t think I need to write much about this video if the week, as it speaks for itself.  David Attenborough and BBC Wildlife do What a Wonderful World. Lets try and keep the worlds nature wonderful   Check out Previous Videos of the Week 


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