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6 Great Tips to increase your Facebook reach

In a previous article I talked about how Facebook EdgeRank is dead  and what implications this has for Business Page owners and Facebook Marketers.   I also promised to put together some ideas on how you could get the most out of your Business Page.   Now we all love social media, but as a Business […]


Saving a Humpback Whale from Fishing Nets

This weeks Video of the Week comes from the Sea of Cortez and features the a family who find a Humpback Whale trapped in a fishing net and close to death.   What follows is a condensed version of the hours long battle to cut the Whale free from the nets and seeing it finally break free […]


New Improvements to Facebook Adverts

Some good news from Facebook for Business Page admins that use Facebook advertising as part of their Marketing Mix.  A new Ad layout is coming for the traditional right hand side Ads.   This new format offers a more visual design and is looking to increase engagement for Advertisers.  This is a welcome more as the […]


Facebook EdgeRank is No More

Life used to be simple for Facebook business users, just understand EdgeRank and you stood a good chance of  visibility and organic growth through engagement with your content.   Sadly as most Business and personal users have noticed over the past year or more that the content in our News Feeds is continually changing and sometimes […]


Video of the Week – Lembeh Strait, Indonesia.

My very 1st Video of the Week comes from Lembeh Strait, Indonesia.  It looks at the fascinating diving and marine life on offer in this area, an area I would love to dive.  

Hollis Explorer Rebreather – Silence is Golden

After many months watching more and more friends posting pictures of the Hollis Explorer on their Facebook timelines, I finally got the chance to give the unit a go myself.  I was lucky to find myself on a business trip to Dahab, Egypt at the end of February, which meant I could drop in on […]


How to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog Posts

You’ve published your blog article and now what, wait for the readers to find you? If thats your approach then you will probably be struggling to catch the attention of any readers.   No readers equals no sales opportunity, and this is after all why we as businesses are blogging. You probably put a lot […]

Google search

Simple Search Engine Optimisation SEO

This guide covers the basics of On page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO for short) and by ‘On page’  I mean items that can be changed directly on your web pages. You need to apply these simple guidelines to ensure every page on your website is working hard for you.  Every page that sells your product […]


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