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business started on instagram

Getting Your Business Started on Instagram

Instagram continues to grow since its launch in 2010 and is one of the leading image sharing networks in the social sphere. It has over 200 Million active monthly users who have uploaded over 20 Billion images since launch and not just Cat photos or images of their lunch. The most interesting fact is that […]

IBM Watson jeopardy

IBM Watson: A new Era of Computing

Starting a new job is always interesting; new people, new environment, new opportunities and new ways of looking at things. I’ve had the opportunity recently to take this challenge with a role at one of the most famous and renown technology companies in the world, IBM.  Now before I go into too much detail of […]

Social media strategy guide

8 things to consider for a Social Media Strategy

Social Media is an amazing tool for your business, it lets you connect and engage directly with your customers in ways that many older marketing practises just can’t replicate.  Though Social Media for business use is much more then just simply posting something to Facebook once in a while.   Every business no matter what size […]

hashtags for social media business use

Hashtags, should I use them on my business Social Media

Ever since Facebook brought in Hashtags there has been a debate on whether businesses should use them and if they are effective. But lets take a step back from that discussion and firstly look at what is a Hashtag. What is a Hashtag? So those of you still getting to grips with Social Media as […]

4 different ways to promote Your Social Media

4 Different ways to Promote Your Social Media

We all have Social Media, other forms of Digital Marketing and of course what I might call Old School Marketing.  One thing many people don’t have is all these linked and working together. In this article I want to look at a few simple ways you can cross promote your Digital Marketing and Social Media. […]


Frog Fish – Video of the Week

Frog fish are one of my favourite fish and also make for great photos, check out this great video from the straits of Lembeh for some great Frog fish images and facts  


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