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Gmail via Google+

2014 and Google continues with its Google+ push with something that I know a lot of people are unhappy about – The integration of Gmail and Google+ The biggest issue this has raised is that now anyone with a Google+ account can email you via Google+ even if they don’t know your address.  I guess […]


Google+ Custom URLs – At last!

Get your Google+ Custom URL Its been a while in coming, but finally Google has made it possible for Google+ pages to get a custom URL (often called vanity URLs). This is something that Facebook has offered business for a while, and its great to see Google+ catch up.  So what is a custom URL? […]


Are you using Google Authorship to stand out in search?

Originally Posted on November 4, 2013 by TrevorPADI What is Google Authorship? Google authorship is an essential tool for anyone using a blog to drive their dive business.  It is something that helps you stick our in search results, certainly a very important proposition.   As you can see in the above screen shot of […]


Do I need a Google+ page?

Originally Posted on October 15, 2013 by TrevorPADI   Do I need a Google+ page? Recently I wrote about the advantage to businesses of being on Twitter. Which lead to a conversation with a colleague on the subject of Google+ and what was my view on Businesses being present on this network also. Get your […]


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