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Social Media Usage – Are you using Youtube?

In a previous article I looked at the a graph showing the value certain of SEO markers as Social Media ranked highly, I though I’d use this article to show another graph.  This time showing global account penetration of various Social Media. So at this point I’m hoping all you small business owners are looking at […]


Pinterest surprises in SEO signals

Recently I stumbled on an interesting graph from Search Metrics that made me think about some of the advice I was giving out for SEO. Now at the top of this chart of what essentially a break down of what gives you the most SEO juice, we see Social Media signals continue to rank highly. Facebook […]


SEO Mistakes to Avoid

There are lots for things you can and should do when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (known universally as plain old SEO)  but in this blog I’m going to look at some that your definitely should not do! Know your Canonicalization Have I lost you already?  Canonicalization is process for converting data that has […]


Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

Its that time of year we all look back on the year that has been and what the year ahead might bring.   2013 was definitely the year that even the most stick in the mud businesses realised that Digital and Social marketing is the new marketing.  I was also the year I hope that businesses […]


What did you search for in 2013

Google has just released this years Zeitgeist.  For those that don’t know every year Google complies what was big on the web in terms of what we actually searched for. You can jump directly to Google Zeitgeist 2013 It always brings up some interesting local and global trends.  A lot are based around whats happening […]


Tracking your links

Do you send out email newsletters?  Or post you latest special offer on Facebook?  Do you know how many people have clicked on your link? This simple information can help you model future newsletters for maximum effect, or it lets you see which channel is driving more people to your website from the links you […]

whatsapp messenger

Instant Messaging the future of Marketing?

Facebook recently made an admission that we all knew to be happening anyway.  That the number of daily teen users had decreased.  Thats right, the very users that most people think are Facebook users are not using it as much.  Now I’m not forseeing the imminent demise of Facebook or advocating companies abandon it.  But […]


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