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Frog Fish – Video of the Week

Frog fish are one of my favourite fish and also make for great photos, check out this great video from the straits of Lembeh for some great Frog fish images and facts  

David Attenborough and BBC Wildlife do What a Wonderful World

What a Wonderful World – Video of the Week

Though not strictly diving related this week, but I don’t think I need to write much about this video if the week, as it speaks for itself.  David Attenborough and BBC Wildlife do What a Wonderful World. Lets try and keep the worlds nature wonderful   Check out Previous Videos of the Week 


Whale Shark 1 Fishermen 0

This weeks Video of the Week features not just every divers Favourite big fish, the Whale Shark it also shows nature getting one back from humans exploiting the oceans.     Check out Previous Videos of the Week 


Dangers of Plastic in the Ocean – Video of the Week

A great little animation looking at the issues of plastics in our Oceans.  In fact not just the large plastic that floats or traps marine life, but also the micro plastics that are to tiny to see and even harder to understand what they might do to the Oceans      

Tuna Tornado scuba image

Tuna Tornado – Video of the Week

This weeks Video of the Week is the amazing live footage of one of the more famous Scuba photos of recent times.  Tuna Tornado.  I’m sure you’ve all seen it on Facebook. The video is by Octavio Aburto and is aimed at showing that it was not a set up or Photoshop wizardry.  Octavio works […]


Eel vs Shark

Amazing video of the week this week, which shows the battle of nature.  Filmed in the Maldives it shows an Eel taking a small of juvenile shark and the battle that ensures.  


Saving a Humpback Whale from Fishing Nets

This weeks Video of the Week comes from the Sea of Cortez and features the a family who find a Humpback Whale trapped in a fishing net and close to death.   What follows is a condensed version of the hours long battle to cut the Whale free from the nets and seeing it finally break free […]


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