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Saving a Humpback Whale from Fishing Nets

This weeks Video of the Week comes from the Sea of Cortez and features the a family who find a Humpback Whale trapped in a fishing net and close to death.   What follows is a condensed version of the hours long battle to cut the Whale free from the nets and seeing it finally break free […]


Video of the Week – Lembeh Strait, Indonesia.

My very 1st Video of the Week comes from Lembeh Strait, Indonesia.  It looks at the fascinating diving and marine life on offer in this area, an area I would love to dive.  

Straits of Tiran

Diving the Straits of Tiran, Red Sea

This Article is now available on Scuba Diver Life


Diving in Dahab, Red Sea

For those that have read my articles here or on it will come as no surprise that Dahab is one of my favourite destinations for diving.  In Fact in the last 12 months I have probably spent a good 5 weeks there.  So makes sense to write an article about this great divers town. […]

PADI Master Scuba Diver Certificate

PADI Master Scuba Diver

Have you taken the PADI Master Scuba Diver challenge? I have and its been a great experience and my diving has improved so much by learning new skills and putting them into practice.  Its also been great fun and I’ve dived some pretty cool and amazing places and met so many great people from all […]

PADI Tec sidemount diver

Taking things further

Originally post 14 December, 2013 Continued Education and Diving Deeper It feels like a life time ago, but only 10 months have passed since I was just your average Advanced Openwater Diver looking to progress their diving. Now as I sit here and type this my thoughts are already on my next trip to […]


Full Face Mask diving with Oceanreef

Originally published 8 June 2013 Trevor Sanford Its often the case that we try new things by chance, and so it was with the OCEAN REEF fullface mask (FFM) and integrated communications. Having completed my Tec Sidemount course and with a few dives left before I was needed in Sharm el Sheikh for the PADI Business […]

Diving in Egypt

Diving Egypt and the Red Sea

Originally posted  Trevor Sanford 28 th May 2013 Egypt probably needs very little introduction, we all probably remember the great civilisation that it left us in school history books. The pyramids, the Sphinx, the great river Nile and in modern times the Suez canal, do I need to mention Cleopatra? But what the text books didn’t […]

Silfra Iceland

Iceland: Expedition Hamilton

My good friends Team Blue Immersion and their great sponsors OceanReef have just premiered their new Documentary live at the DEMA 2013 show in Florida and have now released it to the public after 3 years planning and hard work. The Team travel to Iceland to dive some of the amazing dive locations available in Iceland, […]

tec twinset tanks

PADI Tec40 course

Originally Posted by Trevor Sanford PADI Tec40 Having freshly completed my recreational sidemount course and with a week of dive time still ahead of me, I decided why not take the next step and do my PADI Tec40 course. I’d already learnt and felt comfortable with gas management on my sidemount course and with these skills still fresh […]


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