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Straits of Tiran

Diving the Straits of Tiran, Red Sea

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Diving in Dahab, Red Sea

For those that have read my articles here or on it will come as no surprise that Dahab is one of my favourite destinations for diving.  In Fact in the last 12 months I have probably spent a good 5 weeks there.  So makes sense to write an article about this great divers town. […]

Diving in Egypt

Diving Egypt and the Red Sea

Originally posted  Trevor Sanford 28 th May 2013 Egypt probably needs very little introduction, we all probably remember the great civilisation that it left us in school history books. The pyramids, the Sphinx, the great river Nile and in modern times the Suez canal, do I need to mention Cleopatra? But what the text books didn’t […]


Decompression Chambers

Originally Posted by Trevor Sanford  12 December, 2012 Decompression Chambers On Sunday 18th November I experienced something that no diver ever should, a session in a recompression chamber.  Luckily for me this was only a test drive! It all started with a trip to the Badischer Tauchsportverband (BTSV) decompression chamber at the Helios Hospital in the German lake […]

PADI Altitude Diver

PADI Altitude Diver – Diving a Swiss lake

Originally Posted by Trevor Sanford 20 September, 2012 Mountain Lake Diving in Switzerland – PADI Altitiude Diver Living in a land locked country like Switzerland doesn’t mean you can’t get your underwater fix.  In fact Switzerland offers a vast amount of Lake and River diving (more on the river side in future post)


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