2016 Ecommerce trends Infographic

A look at the biggest trends in eCommerce for 2016

Ecommerce continues to grow and grow, and this great infographic shows some of the key trends for 2016.   I think the key messages are that ecommerce is now the new normal and that mobile is growing and growing and will soon surpass desktop for transactions.  The other trend also brings ecommerce into line with all other aspects of digital and that is what you can call Experience led commerce, personalisation, user experience design, localisation and using big data and analytics. Continue reading “2016 Ecommerce trends Infographic”

9 Tips to fine tune your Social Media

Are your social media posts being lost in the masses?  Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

You probably feel that getting noticed on social media is getting harder, and in truth it probably is.  There are so many competitors vying for our short attention spans out there.  Fear not, all hope is not lost; its just more important then ever to have a fined tuned and active social presence.

Want to know how to keep ahead of the pack?  Grab your fans attention with these 15 tips:

1. Optimise your profile and cover images – They are often the first thing people will see.  Make sure your branding sticks out.  Each different social media platform has its own dimensions to work with, some are round and some are square. Continue reading “9 Tips to fine tune your Social Media”

4 Dos and 4 Don’ts of using QR codes for marketing

bad use of qr code
This Qr code resolves to an error message inserted bottom right

QR codes in marketing have been around a while now, but I am still amazed how often they are done badly.  Recently I scanned a code on a billboard at a busy train station only to find that the QR code 14 trail account had expired and would not resolve, the marketing team behind that must be wondering why their expensive billboard campaign has not brought in any clicks.

Do you use QR codes or are you thinking about using them? Below are some Dos and Don’ts to help you get the best out of your QR code:

The Don’ts of QR codes

 1. Don’t put a QR code in places with no Wi-Fi or  poor data access. At worst no one can scan the code at best it will be slow and the user will probably not wait. Continue reading “4 Dos and 4 Don’ts of using QR codes for marketing”

Digital Marketing Trends for 2015

Sometimes its easy to repeat yourself when writing predictions, just take the ones that didn’t come to realisation last time and try again.  Sometimes adaption of new ideas and ways of working takes more effort to break down barriers, so naturally we sometimes need to reinforce these ideas.

Sometimes of course you can get it wrong, check out my digital marketing predictions for 2014.  I give Google+  a big up and don’t mention Pinterest (insert shocked face emoji).

So this year I will look at the bigger picture for 2015 rather than individual platforms or channels, as I believe we need to look at making changes in the way we think as marketers first before we can start to get the most out of new and emerging trends. Continue reading “Digital Marketing Trends for 2015”

Create Great Calls to Action

Calls to Action (CTAs if you love acronyms) are one of the most important elements of any website (the same goes for email, sms, ads and much more).  Its one of those elements where even the smallest of changes can produce considerable results.   When was the last time you spent any time reviewing your CTAs?  Does your site even have compelling Calls to Action?  If you’re still reading this article past those two questions then I guess the answer to one or both of those is a big NO.  So lets have a closer look at what CTAs are.

What is a Call to Action?

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IBM Watson: A new Era of Computing

Starting a new job is always interesting; new people, new environment, new opportunities and new ways of looking at things. I’ve had the opportunity recently to take this challenge with a role at one of the most famous and renown technology companies in the world, IBM.  Now before I go into too much detail of career I want to move quickly onto the reason I am writing this article today.  Its also going to be a departure of my usual articles that I often aim squarely at the smaller business owners and marketers.  Today I am going to talk about big enterprise!  I hope that thought doesn’t scare you off as I think what I’m going to talk about is the future for us all and extremely exciting and interesting.

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8 things to consider for a Social Media Strategy

Social Media is an amazing tool for your business, it lets you connect and engage directly with your customers in ways that many older marketing practises just can’t replicate.  Though Social Media for business use is much more then just simply posting something to Facebook once in a while.   Every business no matter what size needs to have a Social Media strategy in place, this will help your business really get the most out of Social Media and prepare you for a stronger future.

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