Announcing Insights on Business

You may have noticed my blog has gone a bit quiet in recent times.  That doesn’t mean I’ve been slacking off though, I’ve been busying helping start a new blog with my colleagues at IBM Interactive Experience.   So if you are looking for deep insights on a whole range of leading edge digital business innovation subjects then check out the IBM Insights on Business blog where I will be contributing articles on a whole range of subjects from SEO, UX and Social through to marketing innovation.

I’ll also be adding new content here so stay tuned!

Master Facebook Ads with Power Editor

Facebook ads can be super effective, especially for small businesses particularly in the leisure industry.   But once you start using Facebook ads for your page, you will start to notice that there are some limitations.  Especially if you wish to create a number of ads in one go or you start finding you wish you could do more advanced targeting. If until now you have been creating your Facebook ads using the Facebook website, then read on.

What is Power Editor?

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9 Tips to fine tune your Social Media

Are your social media posts being lost in the masses?  Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

You probably feel that getting noticed on social media is getting harder, and in truth it probably is.  There are so many competitors vying for our short attention spans out there.  Fear not, all hope is not lost; its just more important then ever to have a fined tuned and active social presence.

Want to know how to keep ahead of the pack?  Grab your fans attention with these 15 tips:

1. Optimise your profile and cover images – They are often the first thing people will see.  Make sure your branding sticks out.  Each different social media platform has its own dimensions to work with, some are round and some are square. Continue reading “9 Tips to fine tune your Social Media”

Google Search to push mobile friendly sites – Are you ready?

Winter is coming!  Well actually change is coming but it will be no less dramatic than an episode of Game of Thrones.   On April 21st Google will be rolling out a major new update to its mobile search algorithm.  This change is going to have a major impact of the displayed ranking of sites when users search via a mobile device like phone or tablet.

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4 Dos and 4 Don’ts of using QR codes for marketing

bad use of qr code
This Qr code resolves to an error message inserted bottom right

QR codes in marketing have been around a while now, but I am still amazed how often they are done badly.  Recently I scanned a code on a billboard at a busy train station only to find that the QR code 14 trail account had expired and would not resolve, the marketing team behind that must be wondering why their expensive billboard campaign has not brought in any clicks.

Do you use QR codes or are you thinking about using them? Below are some Dos and Don’ts to help you get the best out of your QR code:

The Don’ts of QR codes

 1. Don’t put a QR code in places with no Wi-Fi or  poor data access. At worst no one can scan the code at best it will be slow and the user will probably not wait. Continue reading “4 Dos and 4 Don’ts of using QR codes for marketing”

User Experience is important for your Business

You’ve taken that big step and invested money in a new website that you think looks super cool, but even weeks after launch you don’t really see an increase in sales or enquirers even though traffic might have increased.  Maybe if you track your stats regularly you might have noticed that your bounce rates have shot up.  Hmmmm, but my shiny shiny new site should be getting me more customers surely?

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Digital Marketing Trends for 2015

Sometimes its easy to repeat yourself when writing predictions, just take the ones that didn’t come to realisation last time and try again.  Sometimes adaption of new ideas and ways of working takes more effort to break down barriers, so naturally we sometimes need to reinforce these ideas.

Sometimes of course you can get it wrong, check out my digital marketing predictions for 2014.  I give Google+  a big up and don’t mention Pinterest (insert shocked face emoji).

So this year I will look at the bigger picture for 2015 rather than individual platforms or channels, as I believe we need to look at making changes in the way we think as marketers first before we can start to get the most out of new and emerging trends. Continue reading “Digital Marketing Trends for 2015”