Take the lead in the SEO game

Investing time and effort into Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) should be high on the lists of priorities for any brand.  It’s not just something for dedicated SEOs or the IT team, nearly every line of business has a role to play from Marketing copy writers to Product owners.

The good news is that SEO is not complicated or black magic, with a bit of knowledge content generators and owners can create and fine tune strong search engine friendly content which is also great for the user – The ultimate goal.

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Start your brands customer engagement strategy with 5 simple questions

“The individual-centered economy is already here” – IBM Digital Reinvention paper, 2014

Today’s customer is nearly always connected via mobile and social technologies that have rapidly changed the marketing landscape.  A landscape that is continually changing and putting more and more power in the hands of the individual customer.  For brands this poses many questions and forces a rethink of their existing systems of engagement and to look for new, innovative and highly personal ways to engage with their customers.

How can a brand prepare to drive customer engagement to new levels?

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