Master Facebook Ads with Power Editor

Facebook ads can be super effective, especially for small businesses particularly in the leisure industry.   But once you start using Facebook ads for your page, you will start to notice that there are some limitations.  Especially if you wish to create a number of ads in one go or you start finding you wish you could do more advanced targeting. If until now you have been creating your Facebook ads using the Facebook website, then read on.

What is Power Editor?

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Facebook pages with multiple admins

New Facebook Function for Admins

Facebook is rolling out some new functionality on the 20th Feb which will be a great help to businesses that have Facebok Pages with multiple admins.   Facebook will add the name of the person who posted a status update below the name of your Page, with the comment Posted By. Also if an admin comments on status update or post to your timeline the name of that person (admin) will be listed below the comment with a Comment on by note.   Also your Page’s activity log will display this information for all posts (as soon as its rolled out to your Page, it won’t be back dated though) including all scheduled ones.

This information will only be available to other page admins and not your fans (yet – I’m guessing) For those businesses or admins that don’t use Social Media Management tools this will be a great help in being able to audit and account for each comment or post made by the Page admins.   I think this is a great and simple new asset for all Page managers.

Facebook Reviews

Facebook has just released an updated review system to business pages.  Lots of pages will already have seen this enabled on their page.

What does it look like?  If you have it enabled you will see the star reviews under your page name:

Facebook review star rating

As you can see users are asked to rate your service/product out of 5.  They are also able to enter a text review via your pages timeline.  Situated under the posts by others box you will find a reviews box:

Adding Facebook reviews

Here a user can enter their review or read the reviews of others.  At present there is no way to link directly to this box to encourage users to leave reviews, but I hope this will be added as it rolls out more.

If you page does not have this you may be wondering how you can get this feature for your page. What you need to have is a page with a location.   Learn more about adding your address to your Page once the address has been added your reviews and star ratings will appear.

But remember you can not remove individual reviews from your Page. If you prefer not to allow ratings and reviews on your Page and Facebook has already enabled it you can remove your Page’s address. To remove your address:

  1. At the top of your Page, click Edit Page
  2. Select Update Page Info
  3. Click Address
  4. Edit your address
  5. Click Save Changes

New Facebook tool – Pages to Watch

A great new feature appeared today (27.11.2013) on Facebook.  Facebook Pages to watch, is a simple metric that allows you to track up to 5 other Facebook pages.  This is a great little tool for those that wish to keep track of their closest competitor pages.  Or for those like me who have multiple pages you could easily track growth on selected ones.

Running like growth Ads on your pages, then now you can get a quick snapshot of the performance without needing to access Ads manager.  If monitoring competitors, and suddenly the likes on one shoot up, then you could be sure to know that they are running a like growth Ad.  Maybe this is time for you to start some Ads to combat this.  Maybe you just need to check out the page to see what they are doing new.

All in all its one of those nice simple metrics that are hard to misinterpret but can help you make short term decisions much easier. Its also very easy to set up.

step 1  – Click on Add Pages

Facebook pages to watch

Step 2 – Add the Page username

Facebook pages to watch setup

Sometimes its the little things that can please admins the most.