3 Reasons your Brand needs Social Media Analytics

As brand marketers we have long understood the value of Social Media marketing to engage with our customers not just by offering great value through awesome content but also as a very valuable cost-effective channel for customer service.  Though we have also seen in recent times organic reach falling and putting our brands before new customers has also got harder.

I love Social Media I’m happy to admit even if it’s not that cool to say among some of my friends outside of marketing.  Though even I have stopped talking about the potential of G+, still my worst prediction in an article of digital trends for 2014 back in 2013.  Hey we can’t always be right. Continue reading “3 Reasons your Brand needs Social Media Analytics”

New Facebook tool – Pages to Watch

A great new feature appeared today (27.11.2013) on Facebook.  Facebook Pages to watch, is a simple metric that allows you to track up to 5 other Facebook pages.  This is a great little tool for those that wish to keep track of their closest competitor pages.  Or for those like me who have multiple pages you could easily track growth on selected ones.

Running like growth Ads on your pages, then now you can get a quick snapshot of the performance without needing to access Ads manager.  If monitoring competitors, and suddenly the likes on one shoot up, then you could be sure to know that they are running a like growth Ad.  Maybe this is time for you to start some Ads to combat this.  Maybe you just need to check out the page to see what they are doing new.

All in all its one of those nice simple metrics that are hard to misinterpret but can help you make short term decisions much easier. Its also very easy to set up.

step 1  – Click on Add Pages

Facebook pages to watch

Step 2 – Add the Page username

Facebook pages to watch setup

Sometimes its the little things that can please admins the most.